Make money by selling online the right way!

Artists all over the world have had an image of living off poverty! The general impression is that they can not make enough money to live a comfortable life and often have to look for other options or other jobs that can help them support their lifestyle. These are now myths after the advent of internet and the era where now people are looking to develop their own workplace online is very common.

The artist who is looking to sell his work online needs to know the following things:

  • The work will not start selling by itself. The artist needs to make efforts to sell the paintings by marketing them the right way. There is a need of constant and consistent promotions and marketing efforts by the artist to make money online. There is a need to cultivate relationships with the customers and the buyers to start making money online.
  • Artists are under the assumption that if they have an Etsy shop they will start selling their work. This assumption is totally wrong. Having a shop at Etsy might prove to be helpful start, but if the artist plans to be selling his work on long term basis he needs to start looking for other platforms as well. Having an Etsy shop means that the artist has an online presence. It does not mean that he has become a celebrity artist and his work will be sold in a matter of minutes
  • Artists also believe that people who buy art online does not possess much aesthetic sense and hence they will only purchase cheaper art pieces. According to a recent survey 74% of the people buying art prefer buying it online because they feel that buying online is much comfortable and easier.
  • Selling your stuff online by yourself means that you will not have time for making more art work. This concept is also totally wrong. The start of any business requires time and efforts and the same is the case with setting up an online market place for their art work. After the initial phase which will surely be time consuming there will be enough time on hands to make art.

It is important to market your art work the right way. If the artist lags behind in building up a follower base then he is surely going to face difficulties selling work online.

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