The Online Jewelry Shop Guide for Dummies

Do you create and make jewelry that you want to sell online? There are many ways to go about it depending on the scale and scope of the business. Each option is explored in this article to help beginners make an informed decision when they decide to set up an online store.

Selling on a Custom Domain

Buying a domain for your business is the cheapest way to sell jewelry online. You can create a website with a unique name where all the products are displayed. When you choose your own name, you can customize the website according to your liking and requirements but it does require more work than using an existing platform.

Create a Website

You can create a webpage for your business if you are a skilled web designer. Even if you do not know a single thing about web designing you solicit the services of a domain-host such as Wix, HomeStead or Google Sites to set up a professional website for you at minimum costs.

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Use SEO to Market the Jewelry

If you have created your own website then to drive traffic to it you need to use SEO marketing techniques to make your online presence felt by potential customers. Each product should have a unique description rich with SEO keywords. This way it will appear in the top results when people look up that word.

Sell on Established Platforms

The easy solution which is recommended to beginners is setting up shop on an online marketplace. This is because you do not have to worry about website traffic as these websites are accessed by a large number of shoppers every day. Etsy, eBay and WePay are examples of established platforms to sell online. There is however the issue of fees that each platform charges either as a flat fee or a percentage of your earnings. Some websites even charge PayPal processing fees which can severely affect your profit margins. In most cases paying this fee is worth it as the website drives a large number of people to your store and generates sales.

In conclusion the more time, energy and money you invest in your store, the more likely you are to be successful. It does not matter whether you have a store on Etsy or your own website as long as there are enough customers.

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